About Sunda Legare

My heart led me to the healing path of yoga as a young child, although it took many years to realize that it was ‘yoga’ making the call.  My first teacher and inspiration was my Grandpa, who suffered his entire adult life with multiple back issues, yet continued to fight for his physical health. He often told me “you are only as young as your stretch”.  That stuck.


Approximately 25 years ago, I listened and went to my first yoga class at a local health club. Although I was always drawn to yoga, for many years I remained too intimidated to go to classes due to not being naturally flexible, having poor balance, and being absolutely terrified by the mere thought of standing on my head! I was especially self-conscious around people who seemed naturally inclined to everything I was not. Finally, the need for yoga won out and I realized that, like me, everyone in class started out as beginners, so I fought through the negative chatter in my head and started attending yoga classes routinely. After a short time, I realized my quality of life was much improved and sweeter because of yoga.  My own journey of healing began at that moment, and has helped me to evolve from a person in need of healing to a transformed yoga instructor. This journey has given me great passion to pass on the gift of yoga on to others, regardless of any physical challenges they face. It has become my life’s desire to help others personally achieve their highest level of health and fitness through the practice of yoga.


I truly feel that yoga and all of the beautiful physical and mental healing power is there for everyBODY. I am so excited for the opportunity to work with each of you, and I feel truly grateful for this beautiful studio and our incredible Tribe Yoga and Wellness community!


Background:  A 5th-generation Colorado native, Sunda Legare commits her yoga practice to natural approaches to pain and stress management. While working for a Neurologist in Colorado, Sunda designed and implemented neuromuscular therapy in response to clients’ pain management issues. She has expanded her in-depth understanding of the therapeutic benefits of yoga through multiple venues, which include: her personal practice; seven yoga retreats in Panama; Sanskrit study with Dr. Katie Poole; a 300-hour yoga therapy training course at Mount Madonna in Northern California; 200 hours of hot yoga; and, an additional 100 hours of instruction on power yoga.


Previous to Tribe Yoga and Wellness, Sunda led individual and small group yoga practice through her SundaYoga Studio. She is a registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. She has led  “equestrian yoga” which included a retreat to the San Luis Valley, combining both of her passions; yoga and horseback riding. When not in a yoga pose, she serves as President of the Los Alamos Horse Stables Association and spends as much free time on the local horse trails as possible.

About Claire Jacquez


Claire is a native New Mexican and has spent the greater part of her life in Santa Fe. She began her yoga practice in 2012 and became a certified Prajna Yoga Instructor in 2018. Claire focuses on teaching from the ground up; she believes having a good foundation is essential in yoga and in life. Claire offers an all level class that is dynamic and healing on a cellular level. She gives time and space for breath work and emphasizes moving safely in and out of poses, using support for optimal effects.

About Christa Tyson

Christa began her yoga practice in 1999 while working as a marine biologist and living in Maui, HI. She decided to try yoga in hopes of alleviating the shoulder and back tenderness she acquired from paddling the surf and hauling in the lines on boats. She noticed the various kinks in her physical body, emotional being, and mind began to dissipate as she spent time on her mat. With further maturation as a yogini, Christa became interested in yogic philosophy, texts, and teachings from various lineages, incorporating different styles into her personal practice. In 2003, she attended an accredited 9-month yoga teacher training and mentorship program through Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX, where she received her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Certification (E-RYT). In 2005, Christa completed additional training toward her 500-hour Certification specializing in Vinyasa Flow. In 2006 Christa acquired her Prenatal and Postpartum yoga certification. In 2007, she completed a 15,000-mile cross-country road trip and studied with leading yoga instructors all over the United States. Christa has been teaching in Los Alamos since 2013.

As your yoga instructor, she brings to each session an East meets West approach created through a holistic understanding of the fundamental mind/body connection. Christa integrates her academic background in biology, psychology, anatomy, and physiology with the ancient modes of Yogic healing to make the exploratory journey from mind to body to the heart. Her yoga classes nearly always include a vinyasa component. She strives to make her classes mirror life: at times tough, at times rhythmic; at times completely personal and inwardly tuned. Her classes are fun, inspiring, challenging and dedicated to helping people of all ages, sizes, and abilities discover the joys of yoga practice and conscious living.

About Sarah Gustafson

Sarah met yoga over tea one morning years ago, and they hit it off famously. She began teaching in 2008, and currently offers public classes and private sessions to adults and children in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

With a background in both biology and science writing, Sarah views yoga in part as a process of deciphering the stories encoded in our bodies. She encourages her students to explore their own somatic stories with a spirit of curiosity and appreciation. She also brings this narrative approach to her teaching, whether taking four-year olds on an adventure to outer-space or adults on a search for their psoas.

A lifelong student, Sarah’s primary teachers are Tias and Surya Little, founders of Prajna Yoga, a world-renowned school that weaves asana, anatomy, and mindfulness training. Sarah assists at Prajna Teacher Trainings and workshops in Santa Fe on a regular basis, and is one of the few instructors certified to teach Prajna’s SATYA movements. Sarah also trains in therapeutic yoga with Robin Rothenberg, and is certified to teach Robin’s highly effective Essential Low Back Program.

When she’s not on the mat, Sarah’s probably outside growing food and flowers, hiking, or rock climbing with her husband and pugs. The mother of three adult children, Sarah’s yoga journey has always been a practice of crafting a constantly evolving balance between the various facets of a full and meaningful life. She strives to impart her passion for yoga by offering classes that are inclusive, inspiring, and playful.

About Marla Bookhout:


Marla is a native of Los Alamos! She graduated from LAHS in 1968.  She and her husband are both Orthopedic Manual Therapists who retired from their Physical Therapy Practice in Minnesota in 2019, and have returned to New Mexico for their retirement.


She has been a student of Iyengar Yoga since 1986, finding this method’s attention to alignment and modification of poses with various props to be a wonderful compliment to her PT practice.  She began teaching Gentle, Restful and Prenatal Yoga in 1990, and for the past 17 years was blessed to be a part of Mind Body Solutions Yoga in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Tribe Yoga & Wellness is an inclusive community of yoga practitioners. No matter your demographic, you are welcome here.



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