Vinyasa Flow Class

This class is open to all bodies and levels. Each sequence will have options for beginner-advanced students. You will discover ways of connecting the body to the breath as you fluidly flow from one pose to the next using breath (prana) as a guide. You will learn many variations of sun salutations as well as balancing and standing poses, forward bends, back bends, and more! The sky is the limit! As students blossom within their practice, various inversions and arm balances will be incorporated into the class options. Yogic philosophy will be woven into the class bringing a well-rounded experience to the student. You will leave feeling light, energized, and open to the oncoming week

Stretch and Guided Meditation

Yin is a perfect companion to any yang practice. While yang focuses on muscles, yin focuses on the bones, and fascia that have built up over time due to repetitive yang practices like running, dancing, or biking. A practice of yin includes staying in a pose that stretches the body for 3-5 minutes. It is a quiet practice that many students will find surprisingly difficult in a different way; with immediate rewards including improved range of motion and flexibility. We combine this practice with restorative poses that support your body in a way that allows for deep rest and relaxation. Guided Relaxation - this quite practice allows the the body and mind find complete relaxation..

Prajna Yoga 

Prajna Yoga was developed by Tias and Surya Little in Santa Fe.  "The word prajna is an ancient word and it suggests a knowing beyond knowing. It brings us very much to the heart" says Tias.  This class moves at a gentle pace, yet it explores the subtle body to an unfamiliar degree giving students a sense of awe and surprise at the sensations experienced. This class satisfies all levels of practitioners but is especially friendly to new students as well as those recovering from injury. 

Lunchtime Yoga

Clear your head, wake your body back up, and prepare for the second half of your day.

Gentle yet invigorating postures will be taught to refresh you at a time when energy levels tend to drop.

All are welcome!

Modifications and options will be available to support your individual practice.



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