Coming to Light

Dear Friends,

An idea born in April 2017 to open a yoga studio in Los Alamos turned into a vision in March 2018 after operating Fly Dog Yoga out of my 240 square foot home studio for five months. The vision quickly became a project that committed my husband and I, and a few of our gracious friends, to busy weekends scraping up old carpet, leveling out a concrete floor, painting walls, laying a new floor, installing baseboards, moving furniture from our own home into the studio. As I write this, I have a fresh new batch of large cardboard boxes that new yoga bolsters were sent in sitting on my front porch. More are expected to arrive tomorrow. It has been a physically vigorous five weeks complemented by mental fatigue, cranky self-doubts, almost constant discussion about what comes next and lots of prayer and hope. My husband has become an emotional buoy who only seemed to get more excited as the projects piled up. My kids think that talking about anything besides the yoga studio is a fantastic idea. Once the space was complete and filled with plants, good smells and music I exhaled weeks of pent up stress and have spent the last few days catching up on wonderful, deep sleep. Ahhhh..

It is good practice to focus on our efforts and let go of results, especially on the yoga mat. However, in this case, I am more than thrilled about the results. The intention to create a space that is soothing, beautiful, and a little funky has resulted in exactly that. I would go so far as to use the word sanctuary; a barefoot sanctuary for the restless Los Alamos soul. I hope the beauty of the space nurtures your imagination and helps create a joyful practice.

Tribe Yoga & Wellness is located at 1247 Central Avenue on the second floor, Suite F 226. We share a building with Boomerang, Los Alamos Daily Post and a whole gaggle of wellness professionals. When you come to visit, please park in the back of the building, come in through the downstairs entrance, take the stairs up and turn right. We are down the hall behind the double doors. When you walk in, feel free to say, “oooh” and “ahhh” to spread the magic of transformation around. Also, it makes us feel good.

A schedule is coming to life, bit by bit. I am teaching vinyasa flow in the mornings and evenings. Emily Brown is a college dance major home for the summer, offering dance classes to kids ranging from 3-13. The studio will hold a 30 minute lunch time silent meditation for anyone who would like to unwind with the absence of sound. This will be a free offering with a donation suggestion of $3-$5. For more on why we are offering the gift of silence, go here.

In the coming weeks, we anticipate more offerings in yoga, dance and other creative expressions. The schedule is fluid, adaptive and evolving. Keep an eye on the calendar for changes in the future. We are also on Facebook.: Please share with us your wild and bright ideas for events and classes that you would like to see in the studio. No idea is too big or too small.

On that note, if an idea or dream has been brewing in your mind for awhile, I hope that you will allow it to grow and manifest here in our little town. There is much opportunity here for small business ventures. Whatever you create, I will support you just as you are supporting our yoga community. Be brave. Be bold. Follow your dream.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the studio very soon.

Happy Summer!

Kristin Allen

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