This is an Experiment.

Tomorrow it all starts again. Kids in classes. Parents finding their routine. Added traffic. Fields full of kids playing soccer. Backpacks. Brown sack lunches. Homework. Routine routine. Standing on this cusp, there is a bittersweetness to losing the long, slow days of summer and gaining routine; a schedule, kids being busy. Thankful for both, and ready to get back to it.

I'm looking forward to meeting some new faces in the coming weeks and a bit melancholy to see my Teacher friends off for the new school year. I know they'll be busy, but I also know that many of you parents are finally going to come in. The studio is excited to meet you!

Kevin Sutton's Basics class last Sunday was a hit. We've decided to change the name of the class from Basics for Beginners to Break Down of the Basics because we are all learning, all the time. This class is not just for beginner's, it's for anyone looking to hone in on their poses, find greater alignment, stability and challenge. I'm not ashamed to say that I learned and re-learned quite a bit from Kevin's class. The class was full last week and we had a record breaking number of guys; particularly of the rock climbing variety. Investing in a yoga practice will reap great rewards for rock climbers, runners, mountain bikers and athletes of all kinds. You'll gain a longer stride, increase flexibility in the hips and groin, strengthen your back and core muscles. As one of my rock climbing friends said, "I never want to live without yoga again." It's a game changer.

On another note (literally), I went to the Bathtub Brewpub tonight and listened to a gorgeous vocalist belt out beautiful lyrics to his guitar. I approached him afterwards and asked if he might like to do that to a room full of warriors and down dogs. He said yes. Look for this in the coming weeks.

Are you interested in a 6AM yoga workout? I'm growing a list of people who are willing to commit to a twice weekly 6am practice. I might have said 6:30 before and that was just my brain sleeping in thirty minutes in advance. Nope. Six AM because that is what you've asked for. Committed folks will pay up front so there is no backing out. Committed to self care first thing in the morning. That is admirable and I'm all for it. If you are interested and haven't reached out to me yet, please send me an email and we will put this together. September 10th to October 17th, Mondays and Wednesdays, 6am. $100. At the end of six weeks, I'd love to have a latte with you at Fleur de Lys. Have you tried their lattes? Oh my goodness, they are amazing. Almost as amazing as you'll feel having completed a workout by 7am.

Also on my radar is a class for people who don't want to chaturanga, up dog or plank-out but are, well, generally not yoga-like at all. I have a such a heart for you folks who think that you're not good at yoga and can't touch your toes. This class will be a slow moving, tai-chi-like yogic epiphany created just for you. I love you folks, get in here. If this is your gig, would you be interested in something around 1:00 in the afternoon? No? What time? What days? Get specific and email me at I want to hear from you.

Danna Pelland practicing headstand.

Currently at risk of extinction are Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8am. I'm not seeing enough folks at this time and would prefer to have everyone come in on the same day rather than spreading thin throughout the week. If there is a class time that you like, please show up to cast your vote to keep that class. Every class is an experiment. Good experiments stay on the schedule. Failing experiments turn into historical documentation. This entire studio is an experiment! So far, we're doing just fine, thank you!

Finally, your presence is such a gift to the studio. I know we all think we're just regular 'ole people who come and go without much notice. That's not the case at Tribe Yoga and Wellness.

This is a place where once you arrive, you belong. That means that when you're not here, we miss you. Really. Yes, your financial support pays the rent and keeps the lights on and we are So Grateful for that, but it's your physical presence that creates the energy and goodwill of community. There are no words sufficient to describe how important you are. You're basically the blood that flows in the veins of the studio. We don't just want your money, folks, we want your presence. We want you. Get here, would you?

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!


"Practice, Not Perfection"

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