November: An All New Schedule

Hello Tribe!

I'm blown away that the holidays are upon us already. About this time of year I get a little nervous about the constant presence of sugar, carbs and fabulously rich caramel colored sauces combined with shorter days, less light. This is the time, friends, to amp it up rather than backing down to avoid the January new year resolution cliche. You are not a cliche. Get to yoga.

It's been really exciting to see the Tribe grow and branch in different directions. Christine Hipp is offering a candle making workshop. Karina Duque led a the Vision Boarding workshop. A small group of writers has already been forged. Celebrations for birthdays convene after class.

Are you feeling like you haven't quite found your groove? It's not all about exercise. We need other people even more than we need a good workout. Have you read the study showing that loneliness has the same negative impact on your body as smoking over a dozen cigarettes a day? And you realize that less sunlight means less vitamin D, often leading to SAD, seasonal affective disorder? This isn't meant to scare you, just to acknowledge and get real about how this season may affect some of us. It's important to move your body, breathe, commune with like minded people and find your laughter. There's no kind of therapy like friend therapy. Here at Tribe, we're working on that right along with our strength training and flexibility. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen. We hope to be a vessel for you to get your groove back.

We're moving into a slimmer schedule in November to allow for more robust and adventurous personal lives. The week of Thanksgiving we are closed. Kevin is backing off the schedule for now and may be back. We want to send him off with love and encouragement for whatever lies ahead. I hope you will join me on Tuesday, October 30th at 5:30pm for his last class. Kevin has been such a great addition to the Tribe and offered so much wisdom into the yoga practice. He's held the space every weekend for the past couple of months and he has been appreciated by many. Thank you, Kevin.

Six AM classes will resume on November 5th. We will meet Monday and Wednesday mornings for six weeks, with a break over Thanksgiving. This six week series will help battle food coma, holiday lethargy and the dark morning blues all the way up to the week before Christmas. It is a great way to fit your self care in before the sun rises. As I did last time, sign ups will be for MW unless we have too many, and then we will open a T/Th. If you can only do T/Th, please let me know as well and I will begin a list. Otherwise, you can sign up here.

Interested in a morning Slow Flow, Yin and Restore? The format of this class is absolutely perfect for beginners, those healing from injury or people who are trying to get moving after a long absence. Tuesdays are open and I am collecting names of people who would be willing to commit to a series.

Creative writing anyone? Armed with many creative writing workshops behind me, a half way completed over priced MFA in creative writing and about 200 pounds of journals, I am ready to begin a, or a few, creative writing groups right here in Los Alamos, in that bright studio of ours. I'm looking for people who want to get together and write. We rarely talk about writing, instead using prompts we dig right in and then share our work with a small group of equally vulnerable and exposed writing peers. This process has revealed time and time again a simple, yet powerful process for unleashing our authentic voices; gaining confidence and writerly poise. Due to the intimate nature of the material (our lives) these groups begin and end with the same people so that, together, we can build trust in one another. I'd love to have a group either Tuesdays from 12 - 2ish, and/or Fridays at the same time. We'll start in November with sessions of three weeks with a cost of $60 per session. Please email me directly to let me know which day works for you, if you are ready to commit.

Notice the change in pricing for November due to the holiday. Unlimited packages are just $70. Also, if you know an Intern, invite them in for unlimited at $40 per month. I also offer scholarships. Please just ask.

A message from a broken egg

Finally, I want to express my gratitude again for your support and encouragement. To those of you who have been coming to Tribe for a little while, and those that have been coming for a long while. I am thankful for your support even if I haven't seen you in some time. Wouldn't it be nice to think that we get to keep people forever? Each of you have helped me and this studio to some degree along the way. I miss you when you're gone, and am pretty much elated when you walk in the door. You're the reason Tribe exists.

P.S. Even my splattered egg sends a message of love. Wow!

Schedule for November:


6am All Levels Vinyasa Flow, beginning 11/5

9:30am Gentle Vinyasa Flow

5:30 pm Vigorous Vinyasa Flow


6am All Levels Vinyasa Flow, beginning 11/5

9:30am Gentle Vinyasa Flow

5:30 pm Vigorous Vinyasa Flow


5:30 pm Yin & Restore

Closed the week of Thanksgiving

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