Zumba Master Class

Come to Tribe's first Zumba Master Class with Natalie Smith. A Zumba Master Class is an amped-up Zumba class with a twist. It does not mean that you must be an advanced level practitioner. Anyone with a desire to move rhythmically and playfully may attend. Come and try it for yourself on January 12th at 6pm. $10 Pre-register here.

A bit about Natalie:

From the moment Natalie stepped on a dance floor as a child, she was hooked on dance. Natalie has been a licensed Zumba instructor since 2010. Her musically inspired classes have reinforced her love and passion for fitness and music. From Zumba to PiYo to Afro-Beats, Natalie is passionate about teaching dance and fitness to every BODY and every age. Natalie is excited to bring a spicy host of Zumba Master Classes, Afro-Beats workshops and Choreography classes to Tribe Yoga and Wellness.

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