Meet Classical Guitarist Gustavo Pimentel

Meet Gustavo Pimentel at Tribe on January 26th between 3-5pm. Gustavo will be offering classical guitar lessons in February at Tribe. Come to our Open House on the 26th, meet Gustavo and hear him play. You can also listen to him play here.

GUSTAVO PIMENTEL is an accomplished Classical Guitarist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He began his guitar studies as a child in the studios of his famous guitar building family, "Pimentel and Son's Guitars.” Playing beautiful music with intensity and emotion is second nature to him and now he’s offering his expertise as a teacher to Los Alamos at Tribe on Sunday afternoons. His enthusiastic teaching style, along with his patience, encourages students to excel. Gustavo's classes offer classical, flamenco, and popular music as well as music theory and technique.

Gustavo is an internationally recognized classical guitarist who has performed in Helmstadt, Germany, Spain and Mexico City. Gustavo Pimentel received recognition for “Best music of 2006” by David Steinberg, the Albuquerque Journal Staff Writer. Writer Ann Wymore writes “Gustavo is a world class musician and each note was clear and perfect.” El Atzlan Hispanic Music Journal writes, “Gustavo’s combination of dedication, life values and practice has made him one of the best artists.”

Click here to let Gustavo know you're interested in his classes.

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