Welcome our new Teacher, Johanna!

I'm really grateful to have the kind, gracious addition of Johanna Jaworski to our teaching team. Johanna will be teaching Vinyasa flow Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30am.

Johanna's Yoga story: I think living in a body can be harder than it needs to be. Growing up, I was always stiff, awkward and never an athlete despite always having relative good health. As an adult, I began to exercise just to maintain a healthy body weight, never considering that I would ever do more than walk/jog. Despite my very light routines, I still found I often hurt myself: sore knees and hips kept me awake and working a desk job brought near constant pain.I experimented with various yoga and stretching routines, but found them boring and frustrating due to my stiffness. After my first pregnancy, I unexpectedly lost a surprising amount of weight and was advised to try less "intense" workouts (less intense than walks?!).

My gym was offering a new "Vinyasa" style yoga class and I gave it a try. While my early yoga experiences were static, this class flowed and we moved in and out of the asanas. I found a ease of movement I had not known was possible. I also was surprised to see that increased strength comes with increased flexibility and I had less overall pain and more overall energy. In 2012 we moved from Illinois to New Jersey and I found that a nearby studio, "Princeton Center for Yoga and Health" would soon be offering a teacher training. After signing up, I found I was again pregnant but with the support of my instructor and class, I was able to complete the 200 hour training on time. I found teaching jobs at various small studios but settled at "New Jersey Athletic Center" for most of my classes. I loved my students and their constant willingness to try new and different sequences. Surrounded by this love and support, I was easily able to teach throughout another pregnancy and quickly get back after we welcomed our third baby! Finding my family uprooting to New Mexico, I knew I would need a yoga studio for myself and was so grateful to find Tribe. Local, beautiful and headed by a teacher who inspired me during every class, I found I was ready to teach again. I am looking forward to leading and learning.

My yoga philosophy is that our bodies need to move; some days more than others, but we all need to move as much as we can, in all the different ways we can. Don't decide that something is impossible, but move and get closer, get deeper and experience more!

The light in me, shines on the light in you, Namaste!

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