The Experiment has Landed.

I have a lot to say and not sure how to say it all, so here it goes. The short of it is that at the end of this month, my time at Tribe will be complete. We are moving out of state to be close to family; Eugene, Oregon. The studio will transition to a new owner, who I absolutely adore and will introduce in the next few days.

My heart is so full. I am so grateful for this whole wild, frustrating, soulfully fulfilling, scary, risky business of starting and operating a yoga studio. I am and will always be proud for creating something new in this town. I am so honored that you joined me for either a little while or a long while on this journey. This vision had a hold of me of a beautiful space with a beautiful community and a year later, we have both of those things. It gives me a sense of awe that all of us have this potential to offer a gift and create something meaningful. And know that I feel like a lead co-creator here, not a sole proprietorship.

From my first couple of students, Sharon and Antoinette, who walked into the class and were the only students (they each came on different days and therefore were the only student), and yet they smiled brightly and gave me a heap of encouragement and kept coming back. I couldn't have done this without you. You were co-creators. To those of you who championed my classes and the studio and shared this openly to all of your friends, you were co-creators. To Ari who has been a student with me since I was operating out of my house, you are a co-creator. And to Sofi who has recruited more students than anyone, you are a co-creator. To Christine who jumped in and started a candle workshop, and a book group, you are a co-creator. To the quiet students who come in, smile, do their thing and leave right after class, you are co-creators. To the friends who helped remodel the space even though you aren't interested in doing yoga, you are co-creators. And finally, every teacher whether working under the Tribe umbrella or operating as their own business in the space, you are co-creators.

Communities are not built by one person and a community will not survive if the efforts to sustain it are expected of one person. Everyone has the power of contribution, the power of showing up even when they are feeling like they don't have anything to offer. And I love you guys for showing up. Thank you so much. You helped make this happen. I've truly gained so much more than I've given. I will hold this experience close to my heart and will probably brag about it way too much when I'm in my golden years. Or even next week.

I'll be teaching through April 30th which is just 12 more days and 5 more classes. Claire's classes will stay just as they are and the new Owner/Visionary will begin classes on MW evenings as soon as I'm done so there will be no gap in classes. Things will just keep moving along which makes me so, so happy.

Thank you, Friends.

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