A Transition to Remember

Hello Friends,

If you haven't already heard, this is my last week teaching and leading Tribe. Tomorrow, Monday, April 29th at 5:30pm will be my final class and I am co-teaching with Sunda Legare.

Sunda is a twice certified Yoga Teacher with specialities in yoga therapy, hatha flow yoga and core power. She is a serious lover of animals and people; as her Aunt says, "Sunda knows no stranger." Sunda has designed and implemented neuromuscular therapy in combination with yoga to assist patients suffering from chronic pain. She has led an equestrian yoga retreat in San Luis Valley, Colorado and attended eight intensive yoga retreats in Panama.

She is creative, playful, warm and so fun to be around. I am thrilled to announce that she will be taking over Tribe starting May 1st. She wants you to know that the schedule will remain the same. Tomorrow night will be my last night, and her first night. We will teach and stay after to share champagne and stories. You're welcome to join us. Please help me welcome Sunda to Tribe Yoga and Wellness. I'm so thankful for her courage and willingness to continue growing our yoga community.

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