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Each morning we are born again. What we do today matters most. [Buddha]

I continue to be so grateful for this beautiful studio and our incredible community! This first week of classes with all of you has been amazing. The energy, the laughter, and the compassion you have shared with me will stay in my heart for all time.

New beginnings mean moving forward, similar to the stretching and expanding that we experience in our yoga practice. We will be stretching to offer a variety of additional classes to meet the needs of our students, I will be offering Yin and Yoga Nidra Classes, beginning May 9th. Yin Yoga works our deep tissues, keeping our joints healthy; Yoga Nidra is a meditative journey of relaxation which takes our minds to a deep state of dreamless sleep while maintaining a level of awareness. Be sure to check our schedule often, as we will be adding these classes as well as more of your other favorites.

We are also expanding into our community! Mark your calendars for a beautiful start to summer with a Summer Solstice event at Ashley Pond on the morning of June 21st; more details to come.

I’m grateful beyond measure to the Tribe Yoga and Wellness founders, Kristin and Mark Allen, for entrusting me with their dream. New beginnings do not necessarily mean leaving the past behind. We will continue to embrace all that Tribe has been since inception, and it is my intention to work hard to carry this vision forward to our wonderful Los Alamos yoga community.

Let the light of the heart engulf you!

Shanti ~


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