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Special Welcome to our new teacher Christa Tyson!

We at Tribe Yoga and Wellness are pleased to announce that the lovely Christa Tyson has agreed to join our teaching staff!

We couldn’t be more excited!

Please join us in welcoming her by joining her at one of her classes!

Chrsita will be leading two classes on Monday:

Prenatal Yoga – 4:45pm to 5:45pm

Vinyasa Yoga - 6:00pm to 7:15pm

As your yoga instructor, she brings to each session an East meets West approach created through a holistic understanding of the fundamental mind/body connection. Christa integrates her academic background in biology, psychology, anatomy, and physiology with the ancient modes of Yogic healing to make the exploratory journey from mind to body to the heart. Her yoga classes nearly always include a vinyasa component. She strives to make her classes mirror life: at times tough, at times rhythmic; at times completely personal and inwardly tuned. Her classes are fun, inspiring, challenging and dedicated to helping people of all ages, sizes, and abilities discover the joys of yoga practice and conscious living.

Prenatal Yoga Class with Christa Tyson

Each class is specifically sequenced to help with the needs of the students. Christa asks each woman how she’s feeling and can tailor the class to meet their requests. If someone says their back hurts, she will teach poses for back pain. If someone is experiencing sciatica, she will teach poses for that. Prenatal yoga is invaluable during your pregnancy not only to feel good but to help position baby properly in the womb for a comfortable labor! Christa also teaches labor positions and comfort measures during her classes to help the mamas have an easier labor and delivery. Most discomforts associated with pregnancy can be alleviated through a regular yoga practice. A weekly practice also helps with a quicker postpartum recovery. Christa shares knowledge she acquired as a certified prenatal yoga instructor, labor doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, and mother of three.

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