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5 Must Haves for Your Zen Space

Well Tribe? Now that you’ve carved out a Zen Space at home (if you didn’t get our tips on how to do that, click here). It’s time to talk about the accessories that help you get the most out of your daily yoga practice. My last post talked about a place to put these tools, but now let’s talk about what you put there.

Yoga Mat

Now, it is possible to use a pile of blankets or towels (1-3 works best).

But having a yoga mat for yourself is a statement. You can choose a color to suit you, a pattern to express your inner yogi.

This is the first step to acknowledging your intention to practice. If you don’t have your own mat or you’ve seen one at the studio that you’d like to add to your Zen Space at Home, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Just keep reading to the bottom of this post…

Yoga Strap

If your brain is telling you that you’ve just started practicing yoga and you’re not ready for a strap, stop right there.

Yoga straps are a wonderful tool to help beginning yogis find their comfort zone in their poses without straining their bodies. Straps are useful to more experienced yogis too. Yoga is about increasing flexibility, knowing your body, and gradually moving toward a greater balance. The strap is a great tool to help us along this path!

Of course, you could use an old necktie. That’s a great substitute, but as you can imagine, a necktie isn’t quite as versatile as a real strap. So, you might want to keep that in mind. Just saying…

Yoga Blocks

I can hear it now. What else am I going to use that copy of “Jane Eyre” for? It’s HUGE! And yes! You can always use a good sized book in place of a yoga block. But we’re in a world of e-readers, my friends. I’m pretty sure your Kindle Fire isn’t yoga block friendly!

Blocks are wonderful for extra support during your yoga practice. Our Tribe members going through pregnancy, those coming back from injury, or those who’ve just joined us might find the blocks particularly helpful. Don’t forget to add one or two of these versatile items to your Zen Space at Home.


Meditate in comfort with one of these wonderful additions to your Zen Space at Home!

A bolster can be fashioned from a pillow wrapped in a blanket, but if you’ve been using a real bolster when you come to the studio, I’m going to bet you’re missing the firm and yet forgiving perfection of the real thing!

When using yoga to aid in your body’s natural healing process, a good bolster can really make all the difference in your daily practice. Don’t forget to add one of these to your Zen Space!


That’s right, my friends! Chairs can be so useful for your yoga practice. There are plenty of poses that can be practiced with the aid of a chair and perhaps a block.

Of course, you can use a regular kitchen or folding chair. You’ll need to keep your height in mind and be mindful of that when as you flow through your poses.

Balance balls can also be useful.

They actually make balance ball chairs these days that encourage core strength while you’re working at your desk and have locking wheels to keep them from rolling away while attempting a yoga pose.

Don’t be afraid to email me at Sunda@TribeYogaandWellness.com with any questions about the chair you want to add to your Zen Space at Home.

Now! I’ve given you an overview of some things you might want to add to your Zen Space at Home!

Visit our Tribe store here to purchase any must haves you’re missing.

And don’t forget to show off what you’ve got!

Post a picture of YOUR accessories on Instagram.

Let’s pass some ideas back and forth. What are YOUR must haves? What substitutes have you found?

Come on, share your comments with the Tribe! And don’t forget to add #JourneysTribe to your post!

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