5 Ways to Create Zen at Home

Yes. We should all be practicing social distancing. This is a strange, new world we’re occupying and things will never just go back to the way they were. If you’re like most people, your home is filled to the rafters with whatever roommates you have on hand. Mom, Dad, Kids, Pets, Your roomie’s collection of tropical fish, birds, and fuzzy friends.

That’s okay. My lovely friends, I want you to be safe! But I also want you to find your moments of Zen.

Here are 5 tips to create your Zen Space at Home.

First, pick a room, a corner, SOMETHING that you’re going to call your own. A place to practice. A spot where you can forget the rest of the world for at least five minutes.

Acknowledge Your Commitment to Your Zen Space

This is vital. Even if you only have a tiny square to spare in your front room. It could even be a corner of your bedroom if there is just nowhere else.

OWN that square!

Use blue painter’s tape or masking tape to section it off from the rest of the house if you have to. There is power in acknowledgement and ownership. Inform the household that this is YOUR spot.

Declutter Your Chosen Zen Spot

Once you’ve found and claimed your spot, remove the clutter. The stacks of magazines. The laundry that never got folded. The kids’ jujitsu bags. Whatever is in that space goes somewhere else. Be diligent! This is a process that will never be done.

Remember that yoga is a state of mind. Respect that!

Continuing the commitment is more than half the battle, my friends!

Make 5 minutes each morning and night to declutter and remove the things in your Zen Space that don’t belong.

Dedicate a Small Spot to Accessorize with Intention

Intention? What does THAT mean?

It means that you pick a tiny shelf, an overturned milk crate, something that can hold a small altar or an incense burner. If you have a favorite icon of any kind, this is where it goes.

If you cannot choose between your two favorite plants, your incense burner, your statuette of Buddha, and a really cool rock you found at the beach, it’s time to declutter your intentions!

INTEND to be restful.

INTEND to be mindful.

INTEND to respect your Zen!

Have What You NEED on Hand

Now that you have removed the clutter and placed meaningful items in your Zen Space, it’s time to get your yoga on!

Remember our shelves and stacks of mats and bolsters at the studio?

Make a little space for your accessories. These are the things you want right there so that when you’re practicing, you don’t have to go digging for a strap or a chair.

Place them in a way that you find soothing and attractive. Let your creativity lead you!


When in doubt, remember that less is most definitely the route to take. This isn’t your playroom. It can be a corner of your home gym, but you don’t need a universal weight machine in your yoga practice.

And don’t forget to leave a little room for your laptop so that you’ll be ready to sign into your Tribe account and join a live streaming class!

This Zen Space is for you, my friends! For you to practice your yoga and your meditation on your own and so that you can stay connected to the Tribe from home.

Now, I want to see these perfect Zen Spaces! Take a selfie of yourself in YOUR Zen Space and give the Tribe a virtual wave on Instagram! Don’t forget to add #JourneysTribe to your post! Claim your place in our Tribe!

And remember that we miss you so much during this time of social distancing. I can’t wait to see all of you again when we can finally come together, but I also want you to have this space at home.

For now. For then. For when things settle down and our daily lives STILL leave us with a need for Zen Space at home!

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