5 Ways to Set Your Zen Routine

I’ve talked about your Zen Space at Home, the accessories you need to make the most of your yoga practice at home. But let’s be real here, my friends. Consistency is HARD!

So, here are 5 tips to help.

It’s called PRACTICE

It can sometimes be intimidating to do yoga at home. Even when you’re live streaming a class you might feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. You don’t have enough mirrors to make sure you’ve got your leg or your arm or your hip at the correct angle. You’re distracted. Your kids are fighting in the next room. STOP! This is okay!

Yoga is as much about the mental as the physical. It is practice. And we cannot expect perfection right away. We must practice and practice and we IMPROVE.

Release yourself from the idea that perfection is the goal. It’s not about that. It’s about moving through life’s journey and that’s why you’ve got your Tribe. We are all in this together. Even when we’re all in our homes and can’t be together in the studio. So just practice.

Make a Commitment to Yoga

Consistency is hard, but it is a necessary element of life. I know you’re busy and distracted! But CHOOSE to do this for yourself.

· Take it a week at a time.

· Look at your home calendar.

· Look at our class schedule.

· Find 2 streaming classes that reach out to you and sign up!

· Put these on your calendar.

· Add 3 home practices to your calendar on days when you’re not signed up for a live stream class.

Do this! Don’t make them long. 15 minutes at home on your own is enough to start. You’ll be surprised how often that fifteen minutes turns to twenty and more when you get into your flow.

This isn’t just for yoga. It’s practice for life. Take care of yourself first! And don’t tell me you can't do classes because your kids are home. Try one of our Family Playtime Yoga classes and teach your kids a lesson in commitment!

How Long is 10 Minutes REALLY?

Make friends with your Zen Space at Home.

You’ve carved this little space for yourself! Find ten minutes without distractions and just be there. Meditate. You can find a guided meditation on You Tube if you need the help. Use soothing sounds and earbuds if that keeps the distractions at bay. Meditation is a state of mind. A moment of quiet that has nothing to do with SOUND. This is about your thoughts. Quiet your mind and just be in this moment. Time. Place. Feel the floor.

Remember your meditations with the Tribe in our peaceful studio. You can do this!

Keep Your Zen Space Dedicated

Do NOT let your daily clutter re-invade your Zen Space at Home! This is the time to whip out your spirit animal and defend your territory.

Make five minutes every morning and evening to admire your Zen Space and to remove anything that might have crept in that doesn’t belong.

Spend those five minutes giving yourself a hug for setting some vital boundaries in your life. That’s a life skill we don’t value nearly enough.

Connect with Your Yogis!

Just because you’ve got this awesome space at home, don’t isolate yourself entirely!

Yoga is balance. In practice and in life.

We miss you! Connect with the Tribe via live streaming classes. Sign up for a Yoga Challenge. Comment on a blog post. Share to the Facebook page. Post on Instagram. (Don’t forget. #JourneysTribe)

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