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Are you ready for some fun?

Tribe Yoga and Wellness Stay Home Yoga Challenge April 15th through- May 15th

Join us for a month of yoga and non-yoga challenges! Complete the challenge and receive a Tribe Yoga Goodie Bag filled with a great selection of quarantine snacks, free classes for you and a friend, a fun gift, and bragging rights all to brighten your day.

How to join the challenge:

1. Respond to this email or comment on the Facebook or Blog post that you are in!

2. We can email you or ‘Private Message’ you or please feel free to take a screen shot of the Yoga Challenge Grid + Rules

3. Collect 20 points by May 15th

4. Squares marked with * are worth 2 points

5. Email us when you have collected 20 points

6. Receive your Goodie Bag

Terms and Conditions:

Some squares are objectively verified by us, other not so much, but we are all friends here, so no cheating please 😉

Goodie Bags will be delivered through ‘no contact’ delivery:

1. Los Alamos residents – within 5-mile radius of the studio – bags will be dropped off on your front porch

2. Bags can be sent through the mail

3. Collect it at the studio after we reopen

We will be posting the winners on Monday, May 18th!

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