Yoga Challenge Check In!

Greetings to my lovely Tribe!

I hope you’re all practicing your social distancing. We have so missed your smiles and laughter in the studio. You’re not just clients. You’re part of the Tribe! It has been so wonderful to see how many of you are taking advantage of the live streaming classes. Of course, I’ve been using this time to do some much needed renovations… but more on that in another post! For now, I want to see some virtual confirmation from those of you who accepted the challenge last month.

Time for a Challenge Check In!

  • Take a selfie of yourself doing a challenge task from the grid.

  • Post your selfie on Instagram and Facebook and tag TribeYogaandWellness!

  • Make sure to use #JourneysTribe in your post!

Remember, the yoga challenge was:

  • Get a copy of the Stay-At-Home-Challenge Grid from the blog.

  • Notify Tribe Yoga via email, Facebook message, or blog comment that you want to participate.

  • Squares marked with an asterisk * are worth 2 points.

  • All other squares are worth one point.

  • Collect 20 points by May 15 for performing challenges.

  • Email Sunda at with your results.

  • Prizes will be available after May 18, 2020!

It’s not too late to enter!

For those of you who want to spend these last days of the governor’s Stay At Home order practicing self-care and mental well being with yoga, let’s get you on the challenge list!

Send an email right now to to get entered and then hurry up and post a selfie of your beautiful smiling face on Instagram and Facebook.

Use the tag #Journey’sTribe to claim your place as a part of our TRIBE!

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